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Stop 2 - Friars House

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November 1839 - Enemies of Chartism

The Friars

Chartism was not popular with everyone

This house is connected to two people who strongly opposed John Frost and his radical ideas.

Thomas Prothero, the Clerk to the Council, had lived here until recently.

Prothero was also the local agent for Sir Charles Morgan, the landowner, and both men believed that giving more men the vote was a terrible idea, likely to end in political instability or even revolution. Frost and Prothero were enemies, and had clashed before.



At the time of the Rising, The Friars was being rebuilt for Sir Charles Morgan's son Octavius, but he had not moved in yet. 

Octavius Morgan was a magistrate and a wealthy man, and no friend to Chartism either.

In the aftermath of the Rising he was active in collecting evidence against the prisoners, serving on the Grand Jury at the Shirehall in Monmouth that convicted them, and campaigning afterwards against the idea of pardoning the Chartist leaders.

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